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This Page is made for the Administrators and Human Resource (HR) personnel.

What is a Traditional Language Course?

In the traditional course there usually is one teacher who uses a curriculum designed for anyone and everyone wanting to learn a second language, which in Canada usually is English or French.

Grammar, vocabulary lists, written exercises and sometimes evaluations of progress are used. In some courses there are some audio exercises. The results no matter which language institution is used are negligible and almost never cost effective.

A simple analysis, which you may have observed:

  1. Group courses are fun and may be well attended but the students do not learn how to speak a second language if that is the primary source of the language training.
  2. Private courses are considerably better than group courses but they are not cost effective the way they are taught presently.
  3. The students do not want any work at home and you cannot learn a language with only two to three hours of study a week.
  4. Written work will not help anyone to speak a second language and most teachers offer only written exercises. It is a great way to sell exercise books.
  5. Most language course run during two seasons September to November and late January to late May. Much of what of what has been taught is forgotten in those in between periods when the courses are stopped. This is really great for language companies we can keep doing for years.
  6. You change teachers or schools that make great promises but they never give a satisfaction guarantee concerning the results.
  7. You absolutely need bilingual personnel so that you can sell your products and services but your people are still unable to do the job after multiple courses.

If you have been disappointed with the results of the courses your company has given its employees or it seems like it takes an eternity to get any useful results.

You need to try the Blue Apple U ‘English Success Course’.

Let your people try 2 FREE ‘English Success Course’ lessons designed for Quebecers!

What have you got to lose?

If you have any questions, call us at our offices and it will be our pleasure to explain the benefits of this unique method of study.

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