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 “At Blue Apple U, we teach Quebecers how to speak English easily, rapidly and with lots of fun!”
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A Blue Apple U mentor is someone who helps a person to speak a second language using the Blue Apple Language Success Course.

A person can learn the language without the help of a mentor but the success rate more than doubles when someone has a Mentor for support.

What does a Mentor do? They D-R-U-M!

  • Direct: A mentor’s primary goal is help the student do the exercises correctly and consistently. The mentors are there to give specific direction.
  • Review: The mentor will go through the course with the student preferably doing each session at the very beginning, evaluating pronunciation, comprehension and explaining cultural and grammatical context.
  • Undergird: The student must listen to a text that he understands. The mentor answers the student’s questions concerning the subtleties in the text and the meaning of vocabulary. The mentor undergirds the student in their comprehension of the text.
  • Motivate: The Blue Apple U mentors are people that are highly motivating using andragogical* and psychological methods to get exceptional results for the person learning a second language. Motivation is the key to do the 26 sessions effectively.

*At Blue Apple U we make a distinction between methods used to teach adults and to teach children. The word andragogical refers to the methods necessary to teach an adult effectively as opposed to pedagogical methods referring to techniques used to teach younger children.

Mentoring Agreement

How: The Mentor will meet the client via telephone or an online instrument like skype, g-mail or msn and review the material covered.

Purpose: Mentors are there to evaluate your progress, review the material covered, answer questions concerning the course and to motivate you to successfully communicate in a new language. This service is effective only if it is done on a consistent basis. Ideally, the mentoring session can be done once a week or at the end of each two-week session which will also give good results.

Get Started: After you have bought your Mentoring Service, call or e-mail Blue Apple U informing us of your desire to start meeting with a mentor. Include the days and time that would be best for you. The Mentor will receive a copy of your e-mail and contact you via phone or e-mail. Together Client and Mentor will schedule a time when they will meet. They can choose a regular time each week or it can vary each time based on their agreement.

Proof that the Mentor mentored the Client: At the beginning of each mentoring session the client will e-mail to the mentor informing them which hour will be completed in the session. Example. This is the 15th hour of 26 mentoring sessions. The Mentor will send this e-mail to billing with any additional information concerning the session.

Changes: Changes can be made to the time scheduled but both client and mentor must agree to the changes and the new appointment must be done no later than seven days after the initial appointment. A mentor will be replaced if he is unable to do the mentoring at the appointed time. If the client does not meet a mentor at the appointed time, we can only offer our sincerest apologies and the client can pick another time that would be convenient to him.

Quality of Mentor: If the mentor is not able to perform their job correctly, we offer a satisfaction guarantee concerning the quality of the mentor and you can change your mentor.

Length of time per contract: The length of time of each Mentoring Contract starts the day it was paid for via Paypal and the course material has been received or the date of the signature of a contract. The number of sessions in your contract times two weeks brings you to the time when your contract ends.

A Period of Grace: Single hour contracts must be completed within two months. The longer contracts (10 sessions and 26 sessions) must be completed in a maximum of fourteen-month period after having paid for the service via Paypal or the date of the signing of the contract for the Mentoring Service.

Would you like to work for Blue Apple U as a mentor?

You are welcome to apply if…

  • …you are in College or have completed your college education.
  • …have advanced communication skills which are a necessity to mentoring effectively.
  • …you are able to work from a distance via skype.
  • … you desire a part time job to supplement your finances.
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