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How I learned to Speak French in four months!©

Could you do it? Well I had to do it and did!

In our English high schools if we have to learn French as a second language. Well after four years of courses, I could not speak French. I still passed and I went on to University. At the age of twenty I thought maybe I could join the Montreal City Police force. The Montreal Olympics were coming in 1976 and I was hired in 1974 partially as a measure to prevent terrorist attacks such as was the case in the 1972 Munich Olympics. But I had a problem. Montreal is a bilingual city, even mostly French. I still could not speak French, except that I had learned how to sell a camera because I worked for the Eaton’s Department Store. I knew how to sell a camera in English and in French.

In Quebec you cannot get on the Montreal Police Force unless you speak French very well. Well, I can sell you a camera.

In 1972 I was called in to be interviewed to see if I could speak French and English. The first question that I was asked was. “What do you do for a living?’ The interviewer asked me the only question that I could answer in detail. I started to talk to him about Minoltas, Nikons and Mirandas. I was saying more Japanese words than French words. I spoke in French without taking a breath for five minutes. Finally the interviewer interrupted me thinking I was a fanatical camera nut and asked me if I could speak any English. I replied, (This was exactly what I said.) “I can get by, okay.” And that was the end of the interview. I would be going on to the next test.

On February 11th, 1974, I was sworn in and I was to commence training immediately. There were more than a dozen courses all in French. How was I going to manage? I was hired into the Montreal Police Force at the same time as one of my work colleagues, Pierre Rochon. This was a very convenient coincidence. I heard he eventually became one of the directors of the Montreal Police Force. We were two of two hundred men hired. I sat next to him in every course and I listened and I copied every note that he thought was important. I had no idea what I learned about criminal law, federal laws, provincial and municipal laws. We were there forty hours a week. We were there everyday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. I would get home for about 6:00 PM and my wife, Miriam and I would work on what I had learned that day until way past midnight.
With a lot of sweat, tears and late nights I learned. In four months I was able to understand and speak French. I successfully passed my Police entrance exams.

If you want you can learn to speak English in one year. YES you can. But not like me. You will have a Zen-like, quiet, stress free, highly-motivated atmosphere, with your Self-Esteem going a hundred miles an hour. This is the atmosphere you need to learn a second or third language successfully and you will have it in the English Success Course.

- Viktors Vairogs

How do Children learn?©

I am not your typical teacher.

I am not a professional teacher but I have been teaching professionals for years.

I have been teaching a variety of subjects for more than 33 years.

My parents immigrated to Quebec in 1948 and a few years later I was born. My parents spoke to me only in Lithuanian. We lived in a French neighbourhood and I was beginning to learn French off the street.
In Rosemount, Montreal, in the fifties they were still delivering ice for the ice-boxes by horse drawn wagons. That seems like light-years away from our world with the Internet, faxes and cell phones.
When I was six years old I was sent to an English school, Montrose Elementary School. It still exists.

I was put in grade one. I didn’t understand a word. The twenty other kids were all speaking English. I couldn’t understand what they said. The teacher was speaking in English and I couldn’t understand what she was saying. So how did I learn?

The teacher could not spend time with me. She had to teach twenty children simultaneously. The children didn’t spend time with me. They liked playing with the children that could speak English. All I could do was listen and listen and listen. Until one day I understood. How it happened? Back then I could not have explained how it happened. Today, I know. My English improved rapidly because I learned to listen and understand. Listening was the first key but second was understanding. That is another of the great secrets on how to learn a language. You will hear about it in greater detail in the FREE Learn How to Speak English Course.

When the end of school year arrived I was promoted to Grade 2. I could speak English. Listening is one of the very, very simple secrets to learning to speak a language. We don’t learn to speak a language by learning grammar, learning verb tense structures or vocabulary lists. We learn a language by listening and coming to an understanding. But it’s not just any kind of listening. Let me tell you all about it in the FREE Learn How to Speak English Course.

- Viktors Vairogs